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Let me introduce myself, I am Abby Diamond-Kissiday, and live in a small beach town on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

I have an extensive education focusing on accounting, finance and business.  The grouping of letters that I sometimes put after my name are CMA, CDFA, MBA and MS.  They stand for Certified Management Accountant, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Masters in Business Administration and Masters of Science in Accounting. 

To go along with my education I also have the work experience.  I have more than 30 years of accounting and tax experience in public, corporate, internal auditing, small businesses and individuals.  For the last 20+ years I have focused on helping small business owners know and understand their business better through my consulting, accounting and tax preparation.  On the individual side, I specialize in divorce and Gay & Lesbian Married Tax Issues.  With the June 2015 Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage,  these tax issues are be coming the same as any other married and divorcing couple.

Why CMA and not CPA

While working in the public sector and for large corporations, I found myself removed from the nuts and bolts of the accounting profession and decided to return to my accounting roots and work with individuals and small business owners.  To prove my proficiencies, I obtained my CMA. This certifies me in all aspects of private business, including accounting, finance, tax, management, economics, information systems and ethics.

A Certified Management Accountant is certified to perform accounting work and consult with owner and management on various aspects of private business, including accounting, economics, human resources, marketing, and so much more.   CMAs help owners look at their entire company to see how it is doing using their financials and tax returns as a base.  

Originally CPA was created to certified (by auditing) and perform accounting work on publically traded companies on the stock market.  Things have changed since then.  

As you can see, Certified Management Accountants are trained and certified to work right at the nuts and bolt level where the real work is taking place.

I started my own business in 2002 to work with small businesses and individuals.  My services include accounting, tax preparation, budgeting, and spreadsheet analysis for a variety of clients on the South Shore in Massachusetts.

I focus on privately held businesses and individuals. I work in all areas of business and personal finances, from basic accounting and bookkeeping, to start-up companies, financial analysis, and preparing tax returns.

If you are in need of services such as I provide, don't hesitate to contact me to see how we can work together in meeting your needs.

 My education background includes:

  • MS in Accounting – Northeastern University
  • MBA - Northeastern University
  • BS in Business Management - University of Miami
  • Minimum of 30 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) in tax and accounting credits per year.
  • Minimum of 15 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) in divorce and finacial planning every two years.

My Professional Associations include:

Specilizing in financial analysis for divorcing couples, gay taxes and small business accounting.